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Vraag en Antwoorden

  • Q: How long can BloodSTOP products be stored after purchase?

A: The BloodSTOP family of hemostatic products has undergone extensive laboratory testing to ensure safety and efficacy for intended uses.  In markets outside the US, BloodSTOP iX has a ten-year history of safe and effective clinical use in internal wound care to stop bleeding fast

  • Q: Has BloodSTOP® been clinically tested?

A: BloodSTOP is for surface wound care and is proven fast-acting, safe and effective to stop bleeding from cuts, abrasions, bites and punctures to the skin surface. BloodSTOP iX is a surgical-grade, purified hemostat designed primarily for surgical use in that it is 100% water-soluble, biorebsorbable, and passes the more rigorous biocompatibility tests required for use inside the body:hemocompatibility, intracutaneous reactivity, subcutaneous implantation, genotoxicity, and chronic toxicity.

  • Q: What are the differences between BloodSTOP and BloodSTOP iX products?

A: BloodSTOP and BloodSTOP iX have a significantly lower cost than other existing products, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Surgiceland Gelfoam products, collagen products, and human or animal thrombin products.

  • Q: What is the cost of BloodSTOP and BloodSTOP iX relative to other comparable products on the market?

A: BloodSTOP gauze products come individually packaged in sealed, sterile pouches and have a shelf-life of approximately five years when properly stored.

  • Q: How are BloodSTOP products sterilized?

A: With gamma radiation, in compliance with international standards for medical device sterilization.